NUEVA VIDA (Eng Trans)


Peso Pluma – NUEVA VIDA (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


The night has come and I’m ready
A good White Recluse, they see me forging it
Always very calm, I’m never out of my mind
I like to make friends, I never quit

Twenty-three and I’m already going up and down
I’m on the right track, I’ve always noticed it
Surrounded by good friends
Always 100% with those who lent me their hand

Surrounded by luxuries and I’m not talking about material things
My parents always gave me a good life
My old man in heaven will always guide me
So that plans go well in life

There you go dad
Up to the sky dude

Pure Double P dude, fuck it


Today everything has changed, I will not deny it
I already carry new thoughts
A new life that I’m giving to myself
Little by little envy is appearing

Time is very wise and answers questions
And I’m not afraid to carry the doubt
Always aware, my buddy Rulas
I am low profile, so nobody looks for me

Nobody looks for me