GAVILÁN II (Eng Trans)


Peso Pluma – GAVILÁN II (English Translation Lyrics) feat. Tito Double P

Year: 2023



You heard me out there
A lot of problems, I don’t care
I like to work
And if the order is to kill, that is not questioned

I have to pray to the devil
And I got the Toner behind me, my shadow
And those who misbehave
Here there is no chance to talk, I throw them to the pit

I hang out with ex-soldiers
And I command a lot of guys in my area
And without being a conceited dude, I depend on the Guzman guys
Affirmative, copy

The kind of rifles they can’t even imagine, I have them here at hand
I have seen death very closely and it still haven’t taken care of me
Well, I’m still operating

So that they know, dude, pure Double P
Just like that, dude

A handmade armor
Some tobacco for relax, and a washing
Military boots
Two guns and a SCAR
I visit the tied up ones

A Thursday in Culiacán
How can I forget that we fought
The slogan was to save the general’s son
200 the one who was in command

A medicinal touch
To go out, patrolling well armed
With two Cheyennes behind me
They come listening to rap
The guys are so unleashed

I got stripes all over my body
Also an occasional bullet mark
But I feel like new
I will continue throwing punches
I’m still in command here