Quick Escape

Pearl Jam Lyrics

Artist: Pearl Jam
Song: Quick Escape
Album: Gigaton
Year: 2020


Reconnaissance on the corner
In the old world not so far
First we took an airplane
Then a boat to Zanzibar

Queen cranking on the blaster
And Mercury did rise
Come along where we all belonged
You were yours and I was mine

Had to quick escape
Had to quick escape

Crossed the border to Morocco
Kashmir then Marrakesh
The lengths we had to go to then
To find a place Trump hadn’t fucked up yet

Living life on the back porch
Lifting rocks to make a wage
Every sunset paid attention to
Not a starry night went to waste

Had to quick escape
Had to quick escape

And here we are, the red planet
Craters across the skyline
A sleep sack in a bivouac
And a Kerouac sense of time

And we think about the old days
Of green grass, sky and red wine
Should’ve known, so fragile
And avoided this one-way flight