FREEDOM (Eng Trans)


Takanori Nishikawa with t.komuro – FREEDOM (English Translation Lyrics)[Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom Theme Song / Opening]

Year: 2024


I don’t want to lose desire
I don’t want to lose my fire
It’s time to countdown the fighting
Just one way to freedom

Cut through space and time and capture freedom
I grabbed it in the palm of my hand

I’m looking at the distant sky, I’m not looking at the future
I have always wanted to ask someone about the idea of peace
Deep inside those shining eyes, justice never moves
Like a balance, a slight tremor disturbs reason
Your Resistance, the distance between us
Too far away
With the support of a pure smile, the wind of those days
I want to feel it again Save Tears

There is unconditional love deep within my heart
Even my feelings of faith spill out like sand

Countless bonds are shattered, and at some point they began to distort
I want to see the emotion that made us shake once again
Eruption at that moment
Relationship with friends
An unforgettable feeling Crisis
Far beyond the stardust
I saw you and wanted to embrace you
Great Gate of infinite darkness

Put the fleeting conflicts on a beloved boat
With peace as the ideal, we will fly away forever

Wisdom blows through time and space
And you are definitely waiting there

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