OnlyOneOf Lyrics

Artist: 온리원오브 (OnlyOneOf)
Song: sage/구원 (English Translation)
Album: line sun goodness
Year: 2019


Yeah I end up standing here even though I run away
Yeah Love is cruel because It’s getting heavier as I try to avoid it more

It is getting dyed blood red I’m intoxicated by your color
You’re mellowly coming closer to me Me, I’m paralyzed by you

Take My Hand Please be my god
Make Me Ayy I’m throwing myself to you

Woo in your eyes, angel The sin that is cut by my two swords
I finally realized that I’m insignificant

My pure desire My shattered despair
Save me from this sin

Red your red
Forgive my sin
Please save me
Fill me by you Babe
Please put me to bed yeah yeah

Impulsive, red
Crazy fallen love

Your one sip of gaze is spreading alluringly It makes me keep looking forward to you

Can’t turn it back even though I know it’ll hurt I don’t want to be awake from this dream

Fill up
Fill up the cup with my 12th belief
Clear out the hesitation
Pushing away the alert in reality
– To the back to the back to the back to the back – You as a bad blood

Bad My bad
Forgive my sin
Please save me
Fill me up with you Babe
Fill up to the top Yeah yeah

I can’t get you off my mind

Impulsive, bad
You as a bad blood

Look, as you wanted
Deleted the true heart There’s nothing I want more, You
All you’ve got to do is staying by my side
until this unreal moment lasts forever

Mad we’re mad
Forgive my sin
When my eyes go blind
In the endless days of eternity
Will see me
Sinking into

Official translation.