Himegoto*CriSisters (Eng Trans)


Onimai Sisters – Himegoto*CriSisters (English Translation Lyrics)[Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister! Ending Song]

Year: 2023


(Look, at the signal of 1, 2, 3 ~ ♪ Eh heh ~)
Come here! To the secret garden!

Hey! Why don’t you wear a maid outfit today?
Eh! ?
No no~ This is a bunny girl, right~! ?
Oh, um…!
Let’s try wearing hakama together with me!
Hey…! wait…!
… For the time being, do you want me to take this off?
Yes yes yes……!

A genius’ secret maneuver The specimen falls (Night after night)
It’s great, success, and achievement☆ (Here)
A beautiful girl hug♡ (Oh my god~)
Recapture my partner Eeeeeeeeeee! (Yoyo~)

Let’s girls’ party It’s been a while Yes it is, that’s great
(There’s only one black spot in the girls’ garden!)
Aventur lily lily crazy bloom (Emotional traffic jam)

Look, at the signal of 1, 2, 3
Crossing the borderline between ♂ and ♀
Do-ki-do-ki if I do
to a new world


(1! 2!! 3!!! Go Bye World!!)

It’s okay! Well good!
What a bummer! I surrender!
In a girl’s little body
There is a big secret!
Full! So much!
Rapid development of the fiasco! ?
The world is spinning with the power of a girl!

Even being fashionable is a girl’s taste (Twinkle twinkle~)
I’m curious about your age (Hmm~)
Isn’t it a little early? (No no~)
Leave it to onee-san! (Pachi-pachi~)

Close Identity Cry Death! ?

See you tomorrow♪

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