After Dark (Eng Trans)


Artist: 옹성우 (Ong Seong Wu)
Song: After Dark (English Translation)
Year: 2020


A dark night where morning doesn’t comes
I sat in an empty room by myself

No motivation for anything
No one searches for me

I look at myself
I ask myself

Why am I
Wandering on the same road
Where am I

And I again
I hope to search for the answer
Should I escape? But where is the ending

It’s morning again but why
I still can’t fall asleep

In order not to see the sunlight, I covered my room
To not see the light, I hide myself
I look at myself again

I want to know about myself
But I kept hiding

Why am I
Hoping there is someone beside me but
I want to be lonely

I am still young to find out the answer
And I am
Still far from searching the answer
In this small room

Holding on to my breath
I ask myself

Again I
Don’t know the answer
And fell asleep

Credits to: @0hMy0ng