온앤오프 (ONF) – My Name Is (English Translation)

Year: 2021


I’m Hyojin, that red hair kid from ONF
like a sensitive roe deer when it’s empty stomachs.
That’s not how I feel inside even I nag you a lot.
I’m Hyojin, the leader of the team ON.

Hello this is WYATT
You know, when you listening to my voice,
It will make you feel like that you’re in a cave,
I know that suits to my face image, but that’s not my true personality,
Twist of Twist Yeah, now you can call me a princess.
I’m the who has no brave, but wanna be brave.
And who wants to be close to MK.

My Name Is
My Name Is

I’m J-US . My nickname sounds funny.
I like to be chilly , but I hate to be bothered.

When I am rehearsing, nag modes ON, cucumber in gim-bab is OFF
I’m J-US, the leader of the team OFF.

I’m E-tion Lee Chang-yoon Sensation
Third leader. Yeah I’m a fashion leader.

Keep loving me even I look chang-dol sometimes.
I’m E-tion. Everything is sensation.

My Name Is
My Name Is

I am U, got cute personality.
I know look grown up but I am actually the youngest member U

I’m MK. a Lemon it’s fresh more than yesterday and today.
you’d better be careful. pop pop pop It might can be pop out.

I look like a weirdo sometimes
but no one can stop me except ‘father Hwang’ when I’m doing music.

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ONF
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ONF
I will be the light of your youth
Don’t be alone Fuse lights on lights on
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

My Name Is
ON and OFF
My Name Is
ON and OFF

Official translation.