Intro: LIVED (Eng Trans)


Artist: 원어스 (ONEUS)
Song: Intro : LIVED (English Translation)
Album: LIVED
Year: 2020


A sudden breakup I’m not ready yet for
You keep getting farther away
No matter how hard I try
I can’t hold your hand
If this is the way it’s gonna be, I’d rather you kill me
If we didn’t start this in the first place
If I had lived not knowing of your existence in the first place
Would my heart hurt like this?
Why did you seep into my life?
Will tears fall?

You are alive inside of me
Tormenting me like crazy
I’m dying
I’m dying because of you

I’m not afraid of death
It’s you being erased from my memory
I’m more afraid of that (It’s you disappearing)
That’s my biggest fear
I guess it’s do-or-die
I guess it’s do-or-die

Own translation.