Chessboard (Eng Trans)


Official HIGE DANdism – Chessboard (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


In this world like a chessboard,
we were born without having rules
We breathe somewhere between the checkered pattern of happiness and sadness

What kind of roles were given to us on this board with no king?
We breathe without knowing the places we can go,
the places we cannot go and the places we should aim for.

Unexpectedly when someone comes next to me and once the wind blows,
we get separated from each other
The more crash landings are repeated, the more memory is added

When I look back, green foxtails are trembling gently
They sprouted regardless of white and black
While tickling my heart with their tips,
they are growing up without dying

In this world like a chessboard,
we started learning with our feet on the ground without noticing
The places we go, the places we don’t go and the places we should go back to
We decide them on our own and keep walking
Whichever way the wind blows, I used to be able to fly like dandelion fluffs

Although I’m envious of those days,
At a tiny one square which is overlooked from the air,
I was able to meet you there

The game goes on
In this field,
what are we expecting this time?
We are sowing seeds with care step by step

With a big stride,
a knight and a queen immediately make progress
There are days you cannot be like them
That is why I stumbled
I couldn’t move forward so I went back
But even on those days,
Repetitions, hesitations, regrets and departures
Everything sprouts from your steps and footprints

The beautiful green colors that I can see from this side
The proof of your living will grow with time
The beautiful green colors
The useless memories and the pasts that you want to erase
Will be surely colored someday as well

In this world like a chessboard
In the future, there may be a day I lose sight of you
But will I see you again on this endless board?
Until that day the answer is given,
I will just breathe without knowing it

Official translation.