O3ohn Lyrics

Artist: 오존 (O3ohn)
Song: Moondance
Album: Weather : 오늘 당신의 날씨는 어떤가요? Part.2
Year: 2018


Don’t need a chemistry
You only need your time
Don’t find another love
You’ll hardly keep your mind

Moonlight’s on every move
We’re dancing through the night
Draw all the curtains off
We’re hiding from the sun

You said, my minds are
full enough to cry
My love, you always
shine beneath the light
If I could be your remedy
Lies won’t hear your melody
Why don’t you see
inside of me
Love comes in,
you’re about to see

Well I can free
your worried mind
We don’t pretend
those blurry nights
And I can feed
your hungry mind
Come and free
your cloudy mind

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