Yes Sir

Chief Keef – Yes Sir (Tiktok Viral Song Lyrics)

Year: 2021


No sir, no sir, no sir
New Maybach but I ain’t got a chauffeur
I’m in it for the bread, put you in a toaster
Ayy, yes sir
Ayy, ayy, got it lil older was a young flexer
You know it’s a go ’cause bitch, my jacket checkered
Pop one pill but it’s a double decker
Dududuh, ayy
Yes sir, I ain’t talkin’ schools but I’m waitin’ on a transfer
Send a pussy boy to meet my ancestors
Pull up on the block, it’s hot, flamin’, Chesters

Ayy, yes sir
I just flew a bitch in from Manchester
They took me to jail, I should’ve smacked the arrestor
Hop out the car flexin’ like Sylvester
Ayy, ayy
No sir, bitch just pulled up in I8 roaster
Track cost too much, told that bitch “No, sir”
Ain’t no fuckin’ cryin’ on my fuckin’ shoulder
Hundred dollar steak and I don’t like the texture

You can die today, just scratch out yester’
Diamonds on my ring, money like a wrestler
Took away the good, it wasn’t a good gesture
Is your whip bullet proof? I’ll be the tester
Test that shit out like a damn semester
Walked up in the club, had to change the weather
Put that bitch out, she’s probably seekin’ shelter
They asked me what I want, I said “I want forever”

Bitch keep callin’ the phone, I had to send her an error
I said “I’m gon’ call you back” but I can’t remember
I want two bitches, who number one contender?
Baby, tell me what I can do to make it better
Ice got me shivering and I’m wearin’ a sweater
Walkin’ on the P’s and gettin’ G’s, Vector
Chief So’, will put you on a shirt, yes sir
Ayy, no sir
Back seemin’ farther but I’m gettin’ closer
He’ll kill his momma for a lil’ exposure
And he left her body where the fuckin’ crows were

Ayy, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes sir, yes sir
Yes sir

She be tryna smoke and everytime I be big worm
Heart cold as heart burn
She tryna see what terms we on, I start talkin’ outta turn
She came to give me brain but I can’t even learn
Did it while I’m drivin’, I can’t even turn
Lawyer so good, I bought him a law firm
Everytime he beat the case, well done

Whoo, yes sir
Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir

We’ll put you on a stretcher
This bitch five thousand, no crying on my sweater
She want some green to buy a purse
That bitch sixty thousand, stupid bitch, you got nerve
Sent a couple shots, the last one was back burnt
Ain’t learned by now, the dumbass would never learn
I was trappin’ and folks decided to commit a murder
Tryna rob a trapper? Stupid bitch, don’t get murdered
Seen my penmanship on a bitch, you need some cursive
All these niggas be jelly, I think it’s perservatives

Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir
This shit is real confidential, sir
Oh, you puttin’ out our business, we gon’ come and get you, sir
Have your people tellin’ the news that you had potential, sir?
You a goofy, you get used like a utensil, sir
Get your old ass shot with this new pistol, sir
Smokin’ dope up in the telly, fuck the incidental, sir
And this Lambo’ mines, no, it’s not rental, sir
I’m on my way to get the money ’cause it’s essential, sir

Talkin’ ’bout you can stop me, well, why didn’t you, sir?
Check my fuckin’ facecard, check my credentials, sir
I might pull up in a Bentley Continental, sir
Best shit I ever wrote, this shit monumental, sir
But I didn’t write that shit, they like why didn’t you, sir?
How the fuck you havin’ all that shit up in you, sir?
Got a AK the same height as Kendall, sir
I’m a dog so that bitch want me in a kennel, sir
Runnin’ to you in the club, it’s coincidental, sir

Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir, yes yes, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir


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