NCT DREAM – Dreaming (English Translation) Lyrics

Year: 2021


I’ve been dreaming, everything is possible
Come with me
This melody that I hear endlessly is our language

Beyond the threshold of dreams
Look at you who open your eyes
I look at my surrounding and it’s only dreaming dreaming dreaming on the stage
Go on in your own places
The appearance that unfolds when our track/orbit reach each other Whatever it might be, the KOSMO that transcends everything
Whatever it might be, the KOSMO that transcends everything
Okay, when that time comes, we gonna shine like a supernova

We can tell just by looking at each other’s eyes
The heart that reaches each other’s like miracle
The moment we feel the same emotion, yours and my dream, it
becomes reality

Something has awakened inside me
Crossing the dream in a dream, we are connected
We finally meet something
I don’t want to wake up, inside this dream that reached each other

A little farther away, the unknown POS I open it
I want more, our own conversation
Answer to me in this moment
The message that I sent in the melody that translates into you
Draw a circle in this growing sense of empathy and we become one

Something that connects you and me with dream
Beyond the dimension, we are connected
Something that becomes clear without you
We don’t stop, in this dream that touches

Credits to: @captainuwu

Full translation soon!