Nameless Name (Eng Trans)


TOGENASHI TOGEARI – Nameless Name (English Translation Lyrics)[GIRLS BAND CRY Song]

Year: 2023


I’m always full of scars
My mind and body are fragmented
Passion and heartlessness
Goes round and round in my head

I plunge into the city
Where it’s full of lies, it makes me sick
Within the stench and the noise
I cry out alone

Nothing is happening
How was it today?
Don’t say meaningless things all the time
That creepy voice echoes in my mind
While I can’t stop crying

“You don’t have to be afraid
So stop hiding
Come and dance with me,” you said
I want to get away from this putrid world

Disperse right now
Disperse, disperse, quietly
Quietly, don’t let me be alone
Like sorrow laid out in the bars of a song

Forever and ever and ever
Until love can be proven
I don’t want to believe
That love is an emotion
I could go insane

Who is knocking on the door of my heart
Which I closed from fear of suffocation
Don’t try to stuff common sense
Into the keyhole
It’s so annoying
I don’t want anything at all
I want to break it
I would rather be broken
I want to live in a complete darkness
I want to live

I don’t care if I don’t sleep at all
My consciousness wobbles
And it’s oddly habit-forming
I wish I could disappear like this
I want to wipe away
All the likes, the dislikes, good and evil
I just want to hold my breath and sink

Disperse right now
Disperse, disperse, everybody
Nobody is allowed here
A whirlpool of emptiness
Hopelessly spills over

I want, I want, I want you to know
My heart is in pain
I wish I could tell you
Emotions thrust impulses up
Shaking me to the core

I’m always full of scars
My body and mind are fragmented
Passion is heartless
It’s all tattered inside my heart

Official translation.