YOASOBI – Mr aka Mister (English Translation)

Year: 2022


Alone, in the single size room, what I recall is my life with you.
The stage for the story is a seaside town which sees in the distance the big city where buildings

The day we met for the first time, I still remember it clearly now.
You, in a formal shirt, with a jacket that didn’t suit you a little.
You didn’t say much, always strict, and I just kept being told off.

Helplessness continued on surrounding my mechanical heart.

I want to know you,
I want to know everything about you.
But I just couldn’t ask you, instead, I pray quietly in the night.
I want to understand you even just a little,
I repeated those days over and over again.

Even so, the tears you had once, and that calm expression of yours you show every now and
Are all kindness which you couldn’t hide and which overflowed.
It was the same that day too.

That was the last memory of the two of us.
You, who squeezed back onto my hand in the darkness,
Are no longer here.

I want to hear it even now,
I want you to let me listen to it once more,
Your kind and clumsy voice,
Your harsh words.
Just what is this feeling of desire called?

Scold me again like you always have, Mister!

Credits to: @shiyuki332