Sarigiwa no Romantics (Eng Trans)


See-Saw – Sarigiwa no Romantics (English Translation Lyrics)[Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom Ending Song]

Year: 2024


I’ll sing it at the end…

This red afterimage is the romance of leaving
Stacking the books, the record of our rebirth ends

When I woke up, I was on a layer of ice
I was standing barefoot and looking for your hand
I continued to sit in that chair, searching for something
It was a promise I had to follow

With the shallow breathing, the romance of leaving
Even if I am the water source of the Bodhi tree
You don’t have to sing for anyone anymore
The flower that knew too much chose only these beautiful words

A story of getting rusty. Hidden in my coat because I couldn’t sing it
In exchange, I let myself go many times
But life comes with “still”

I confess to you, the romance of the sunset
With a candle in the middle, the heat speaks
I turn my back on that world and pray for the last song
We will live together with this frustration from now on

In the corner of the book, the contents of my heart are still scribbled
I think I haven’t set foot at the entrance

I confess the romance of leaving
Your mission is guided by love
I can be the shoulder on which flying birds come down to talk
From now on, we will live together with a faint peace of mind

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