milet – Loved by you (歌詞)

年: 2022


Have you ever felt empty inside when you wanna laugh
But I’m not gonna rely on medication
Holding my breath I’m not scared to be lonely

Have you ever cried without really knowing why?
Is this our final song?
No I don’t need a reason to give up
‘Cause you’re the best thing that happened in my life

Then is this what I truly wanted
Get out of my head right now
The memories of us still haunt me every night

I am the one who loved the most
But now I have nothing
Was I ever loved by you?
You were really happy, weren’t you?

I wish that my whole life is a fucking dream I’m such a soppy
Was I ever loved by you?
Is it too late to say I love you?
You were mine
Damn, I know I know
We lost
We’re alone

Dancing with your shadow
I ain’t got nowhere to go
Don’t wanna drink myself to sleep anymore
It has no taste
It’s like our days, babe

Reading all the texts you sent me like every day
It’s so unfair (But you were great)
I wish you had the same dream as mine
Someone tell me it will be alright