NCT 127 Lyrics

Artist: Mark & Johnny
Song: QTAH (English Translation)
Album: QTAH
Year: 2020


My name that’s in your conversations
That name now, a different subject yeah
Intellect now, we can’t connect

Choose carefully, double check then bring
Next, guys with all the fakeness
Just to be right next to
The one and only
The one of many yeah

Deep in the good intentions
Wherever my hand touches, money falling
Already the people who’ve been attracted are all in my grasp
I take back what’s mine in the midst of mediocre praise, media blur

Mark it fact, shatter it break
Don’t try to realize later, just see it now
Yeah everyone see it now

Can’t cool down now
Wait, countdown
Beating verse, throwing form
I’m with the one squad now

Now that I look back, it was creation
Now done with imagining
I only listen to real, now it’s still early man
Won’t do that yet
What have you all become

So when I say well I’m with this
Do you feel the vibe with this
And I openly wham with my team

Imma bring that name with us so high
From zero yeah, nothing in the products
Now open it in front your eyes
Now we sing this QTAH

Credits to: @_markIees