Homura (Eng Trans)


Artist: LiSA
Song: 炎 (Homura)(English Translation)
Album: 炎 (Homura) – Single
Year: 2020


Yelling “Goodbye” and “Thank you”
Something more important than sadness
I want to convey back that I was leaving
So that I could make time for warmth and pain

I had thought that it would continue
And I had painted our tomorrow
Calling to each other
The light is yet to come
Fill my heart with with scorching heat

We find ourselves in the middle of a fiery journey
Take your hand and let go for the future
Whenever a dream comes true, I think of you again
Crying, I say “I want to be stronger”
A farewell resolution

I want to be caught up in nostalgic feelings
Crying loudly at this cruel world
The starving feeling will grow as I get older
I don’t want to lose anything else anymore

If I get drunk with sadness and fall
I won’t feel any pain
Your wish (Your word)
I swore to protect you

A noise is heard and then it fades away
There’s only one irreplaceable world

I reached out to hug a bundle of fierce light
For the future that shines and disappears
Beyond the entrusted happiness and promises
I’ll go without looking back
I’ll just look forward and scream
Set your heart ablaze
Until that distant future

Credits to: uyuutea

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