Bee With You English Lyrics Lay Zhang Translation Yixing EXO

Artist: LAY (EXO) – Song: Bee With You (English Translation)

Year: 2021


From first appearance to the spotlight
All the wishes I made they all come true
So many scenary along the way
But you are the most beautiful picture

Bee with you girl
You are always with me too
I keep running
You keep running

We are running towards each other
Always got my back
I am counting on you
You are my motivation

I will never let you down
Hope my rays of light will shine on you
Make you happy during the most difficult times
You witnessed all my shining moments

Light up the Aladdin magic lamp
It looks tiring
But I’m really not tired
If you want to travel
I will go flying with you babe

I will be your pride
And I will be the proudest
You are my XBACK and also my babe

We rely on each other’s warmth
Hiding the scent of blossom
The future universe has you and me
Even if it’s pitch-black outside
We can always see the stars and fire flies
And you are the brightest one
All these years I have you by my side

Light up my hope
Future days
We grow together
You know I got your back
I’ll always be with you

Credits to: @weibotranslate

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