Edge (Eng Trans)


Reol – Edge aka Kissaki (English Translation Lyrics)[Rurouni Kenshin 2023 Ending Song]

Year: 2023


Your reflection on a blade edge
Rends the air and my wish is
Wandering the autumn sky

The side of your face Looking not as strong
I still can’t get close to you
The more I try to forget
The more I remember
I resisted yesterday, now it stabs me

Our sleeves touched before dawn
We can’t go back to before we met
Flowers will bloom for anyone
Even if my feelings don’t reach
With something as trivial as love
The tracks of my tears can’t be erased
But if one day I forgive

Tomorrow reflected on a blade edge
Each wandering the autumn sky
Penetrates straight through now
And your feelings
Will take you far away

I want to remember

With these hands
That are not free to move
What meaning should I grasp
To atone
To connect with forgiveness and receive
Day in and day out
My heart is red and black
Dark and thick, taste of metal
Hurry ahead Tears are rivers flowing towards tomorrow

Resolve that dwelled in its destination.
It’s human nature to wander In the dawn
Shining my emptiness I can’t tell anyone,
A hazy memory of love Flashes before my eyes

Oh, all I could think about is you
You who are absent A hole no other can fill
Oh springtime,
Give me calmness That doesn’t require a blade
Even if we take from each other again

Tomorrow reflected on a blade edge
Each wandering the autumn sky
If we meet again in the brand new feelings
Bury everything
About that day, the pain, the lies
Bury them in the time of our growing apart
Even without you
A new day is dawning in the sky

To the one I can’t forget
Wandering is goodbye

Official translation.