Kim Jae Hwan Lyrics

Artist: 김재환 (Kim Jae Hwan)
Song: 어떤 날엔 (Someday)(English Translation)
Album: 사랑의 불시착 (Crash Landing On You) OST Part 5
Year: 2020


I wonder where you are
Just thinking about the place
Where we used to be
Makes me tremble

I can’t bring it close
But I can’t erase these feelings
I get overwhelmed as if it’s love
But then I keep aching because of this longing

Some days, you
Some days, you smile
My heart burns up too much
For me to just look at you from afar
So I want to be close to you
Just once more

I can’t say it out loud
But I can’t quietly erase these feelings
I feel happy as if I can do anything
But then I come crashing down, swallowing my tears

Some days, you
Some days, you cry
It’s too hard for me
To wish for your happiness
So I want to go next to you
Just once more

Every day, my heart changes
I don’t know what to say
If only I could see you
I hope I can be
A memory that overwhelms you whenever you think about me

Some days, you
Some days, I draw you out
It’s way too hard
To just ignore and endure
So I have to follow my heart
And feel so sad

Some days, you
Some days, I pray
It’s so sad
To love you by myself
So please come and wipe away
These flowing tears

Credits to: popgasa