Kenshi Yonezu – POP SONG (English Translation)[PlayStation CM Song]

Year: 2022


I’m singing of a playful love, baby,
A glittering and chic melody
It’s yet another night nobody can find

An empty-headed, cheap harmony
Everybody wants to be loved,
Yet with so many needless things, they just shut up

What’s the matter, everyone? Don’t give me those looks
You’re the ones who’ve lost their marbles
Ahh, hopscotch scribbles, what a travesty

When you sing to the rain, how sunny it can get
No doubt it’s gonna be a lot of fun
Ahh, lin-lin, lan-lan, lah-tah-talalah…

On one two three, filled with love, let’s play the rest of our lives,
Spreading about all the things we’ve prepared
That’s right, every single thing’s nonsense anyhow
So sing a song that’s just for you…
‘Cause guess what, that’s nonsense too

I wanna have a lazy love, lady
Moralists are a vanishable theory
With so much that can’t be said, the spring passes by

Relaxing in a cat-foot bathtub, bye-bye
Like it’s a piece of cake, I fly, fly
The spell to chant is bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

It’s our story,
And I want to live it through with love,
Like everything in the air’s a game

It’s incredibly nonsense, every single thing
Sing a song that’s just for you…

You’ve lost it, you’ve lost it,
You and them, you’re all bizarre
Can’t even keep up, can’t enjoy anything,
A demented ecstacy

You’ve lost it, you’ve lost it,
Everything’s just nonsense
Sing a song that’s just for you…

How magnificently ludicrous;
Now this is the life I was after
Who are you? C’mon, tell me,
Though I’m sure there’s nothing anyway

The noisiness is tremendous;
Now this is a life with value
Anybody will do, but you’d do very well
Go and sing of your love…

‘Cause guess what – that’s nonsense too!

Credits to: vgperson