KAROL G & Nathy Peluso – GATO MALO (English Translation)

Year: 2021


I’ll go, I’ll go wherever you go
I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go
I’ll go, I’ll go wherever you go
I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go

I do not want to cry again
I’m not going to get humiliated again (Ah)
What I did not want to accept (Ah)
Finally today I could understand it (Hey, hey, ah)
That everything has its end (It’s the end, papi)
Our ending did not go very well
Tell me where could I fail
If I gave you all of me (Ah, ah, ah)
And I couldn’t see you anymore
Because I’m always at your feet (Hey)
And what else am I going to beg to you?
It’s clear that you do not love me
You were the one who came to me
I did not invite you to love me
Look at me, tell me
That there is another one with whom you fuck
I gave you my time and my life (A lot, a lot)
Real and I never let you down (A lot, a lot)
Everybody warned me about you (A lot, a lot)
Too bad I didn’t listen to them

Mama, you won’t be crying for that brat
The one who got his fingers burned for being a sweet tooth
Put yourself first, you can have whoever you want to
Listen to me, mami, let’s do it the way we know, huh?
If that tiger wants to fight, tell him that you have nails to fight
You’re a goddess, glamorous girl
He makes jokes and he wants to fix things
For good-good or bad-bad, everything has its end, oh (Huh?)
How could you give such a bad boy a chance?
He makes excuses, he abuses your trust
Hey, don’t get confused, tiguera; hey, you’re not going to cry for that man
He won’t hurt a friend of mine (No)
Does he boast of that misdeed? (Huh)
Take care, boy, with that craving go rebel
And now who shoots?
Say something or at least just shut up
Why pretend?
There is nothing else to decide

The letters I wrote one day
That today you will no longer read
I burned them, praying for you
Goodbye and good luck (Mmm)
That everything has its end
And everything has a start too
Time puts in his place
To who did not know how to love you

O-O-Ovy On The Drums

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