Jung Seung Hwan Lyrics 가사

Artist: 정승환 (Jung Seung Hwan)
Song: 잘 지내요 (Fine)(English Translation)
Album: 라이프 (Life) OST Part. 6
Year: 2018


I am fine today, too
These words are always easy to say
I don’t want you to know
what I’m thinking
I’m used to hiding it

My memory is always
Like an old puzzle
It’s missing a piece
And I’m looking for that piece
My heart is always
like an unfinished letter
It always ends lacking a word

I am fine today, too
I told you what I told you
I wanted someone to know quietly
leaving me with tears in the end

My memory is always
Like a broken watch
Time does not flow
but stays in the same place
My love always
Like a child you left behind
In the same place
He’ll be waiting

Actually, I’m afraid
My constant nervousness
My heart feels cramped
Who will expose me?
Call it self-preservation
I want you to hide me
surrounded by beautiful words

That’s what I want to hear
You’re gonna be okay
That’s what I really want to say
that I’m fine
at the end of a long day
the unspoken words
Even though I feel like I was buried today
I’ll be fine tomorrow