Intro: Ambition (Eng Trans)


Artist: Joohoney
Song: Intro: Ambition (English Translation)
Year: 2020


Let me introduce myself
Note to the honey beast mode
On the stage, this is just what intro
It’s just the beginning if someone blocks my way
Get out of the way
Kids who still don’t fit the fountain
My microphone is the sound that tears the guitar
Live on a not sour stage
I’m a monster, go catch-all
Ok I go one step and another
Fake boys who can’t even bleed new feet
They say they’re monsters and read us as beings
Insignificant wastes read as our wealth
I go by the name of JOOHONEY, 1HUNNIT
My goal is to draw a big head in the current music industry
UH constantly growing
Even if you collect only one intro track from the broadcast
Pull the song
You know what I mean
I break out of the prison called success
Failure is a word that I don’t have
I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in anything like that
Enthusiasm exploding The result of psychology
Take My Electric
Jealousy, jealousy
Yes, sure, energy, energy
My own growing and spreading all over the world
Melody, melody
I’m greedy for something greedy by sweeping it up
Cuz I’m a bad boy, once asked, don’t let go
I got whole lotta fans and a whole lotta
And in the future
Whole lotta album
Whole lotta fame uh
Whole lotta medal uh
Whole lotta money
I get that woo
My run has been running since 2015
Kids who can’t rap, my fans are my mental support
Pull the trigger for them
I’m making history errday
Don’t care what you say do it errday
Go hustle and hustle errthing
Fantasy it’s your fantasy anyway
(You know, the worlds on lockdown
Everybody stand up right now)
I will say from now on
If you’re interested, everyone stick here Huh
My possibility is Cookin’ the music industry
Koreans with tenacity
Remember my name JOOHONEY, 1HUNNIT
Whether it’s hurt or pain, let’s bring it on

Credits to: Genius