Jooheon Lyrics 가사

Artist: 주헌 (Jooheon)
Song: Should I do (English Translation)
Album: DWTD
Year: 2018


(9F) ah yeah /]oohoney-
One Hunnit right / let’s go
A-yo whassup NARU (uh-huh}
NOARK in the building/ ay yah

Jooheon has come
drained all bubbles away*
Had so many bastards
in the meantime- no,
those bastards who still
try stompin‘ on me
shut up and go home man

Restless schedule gets
my pocket grow bigger
while envies and jealousies toward me
increase, as if it got no ends

I rise from the bottom man
no one recognized me 7 years back
Saw me easy like water*
I got my liquor(=ways*) to do my work
Yes that’s right I’ve done rollin‘
Been a poor hand on this floor

As if it‘s subjective I rationalize
Useless stubbornness
That’s what dragged me up ‘til here
Anyhow listen man
Impossibility doesn‘t exist
So what man

So what (x2) trapped myself
to torture with hopes
in vain that ‘ you‘ll make it
Go hard (x2)
Just push myself harder
right to the edge of the cliff, then

You can (x2) You can do it
then you can get to the stage you want
You can earn yourself a gold chain
you want like those rappers overseas

Yes right yeah that‘s right
and yet I’m out of breath
Again, i’m short of one
My breath goes tap- i am chokin‘
The dizziness got me I my head goes on flames

Dream and, again, this cycle
‘cause that‘s a fortune(=wealth)
is it just this am I living in splendours”
have you got time to spare
are you working real hard
do you loweryour head
with a sigh today as well

Right now it‘s four am
I should go to the salon soon I gotta do
my hair & make-up / gotta do dry-rehearsal
Gotta go for live camera too

Next, I gotta go meet my dear loving fans
I gotta give my signature sincerely
Should write the post-its with efforts too
I should go for a radio I I should be working hard

Just gotta do it then after I should do again
I gotta go to a schedule II gotta go for a performance
I better ride a plane to meet all foreign fans as well
Should run for events today too and attend the awards
I should call my mom I take a selfie too I Got no time to
have a meal I should just be working HARD!

I got so much things to do
Now one step at a time
I step up my limits one step each time
It‘s all so ridiculous I Now you know
You better know what I, myself, should do

Those who hip-hop but don ‘t live that efficient
Don ‘t insult idols / They live harder then you
Hustle real hard / one-take (x2)
Joohoney One Hunnit

Translation thanks to Mxtrans.

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