Jerry K Lyrics

Artist: JERRY.K
Song: NO YOU ARE NOT (English Translation)
Year: 2018


I’m pretty sure you and I have both read at least one
But with our outputs being so different, it must be an
issue of hardware, right?
I think it’s long past the time for nice explanations
There’s too much shit you’ve spread with your rapping

The nonsense you spew is like a half-full cup of water
One side asks why there’s still water left, they’re bored
The other side asks if this is it, you fall below their
In other words, you’re as worthless as this overused

There was only one thing you said that was right, we
are victims of patriarchy
But you know what’s sad, the people who made the
patriarchy are men
Have you ever thought about all the sweet benefits
you’ve reaped under it?
It’s at least sweeter than what you got that
midsummer night

Let’s break that patriarchy together, why do you
Let’s destroy that 36.7 percent wage gap
Then you can ask your date to cover half the expenses
whenever you want
We [Men] get positions as CEOs, high-level employees,
and politicians
Yet you’re talking about having to give up your seat on
the subway, bus, and parking lot

Six or more years ago, I released a song called “You’re
Not a Lady”
And you’re just at that level I was back then, get away
or get updated
The fear they feel every day is realer than your
Fake facts, equalism, blah blah blah
Ignorance arguing that something’s there when it isn’t,
and something’s not there when it is
If it doesn’t exist, it’s not there, just like your pride
about military service when you’re exempt

“No you are not a feminist”

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