JENNIE (BLACKPINK) – SOLO (New Version 2021)(English Translation)

Year: 2021


Naive and innocent
Acting like I’m proper
I’m tired of it now, it’s annoying

Every day, asking me like
What’re you doing? Where are you? Did you eat? Good night
Baby, sweetie, honey, I miss you
It’s all useless
You got me like

This is a love story that doesn’t touch me at all
There’s no butterflies, there’s no meaning
Sorry but I’m not sorry
From now on I’m

Shining solo
Shining solo
I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo
I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo

Used to be your girl but never mind I used to
Let me shine I’m getting mine I hit you with the ddu du
Got a lot of whatever I want, like I could lose two
Wanna fire me up, I be in Paris, a las des beaucoup
Too cool oh four finger ring pink, on a chain all ice
Like I could pour this drink on it
Being gone and came back, coming for the payback
Ask them how you like it, and it’s looking like they hate that

W no L’s, covered W and Elle
And there’s none left on the shelf, getting in trouble by myself
Solo oh well
Oh me, cross C’s, Coco chanel
Palm trees, calm breeze
Living in a doll house, I don’t need a Ken
I can watch you walk out
Solo, but I got many I could thank
You could see it on my eyes
Like every time I blink