Jack Harlow – Ambitious Song Lyrics

Year: 2023


Ambitious fourteen year old
Grades goin’ down as I’m stackin’ up zeros
But not the dinero
Peach fuzz comin’ in
Cool kid, but my haircut like I’m a weirdo
Peyton Siva, Montrezl Harrell
Scuffed-up kicks, Old Navy my apparel
And I’m cummin’ in my girl like I’m sterile
Totaled my whip, I thought I had the green arrow
I was never meant to be a college applicant
Fuck I look like goin’ to college after this
Class clown type that like to holla at the chicks
Friend group solid as it gets
Recordin’ in my room with the air conditioner all up in the mix
Did a couple local shows, okay, my following exists
Even if it’s fifteen high school chicks
Better than a front row of dicks
One day I’m gon’ be front row at the Knicks
Wait until the world gets a load of this (Ooh)

Ambitious nineteen year old
I just signed a deal now my neck sub-zero
Mustache coming in, I really want a beard though
And I really think this might be my year though
Suddenly, I’ve made some Moncler, my apparel
Playin’ dive bars and stoppin’ at Cracker Barrel
No security, my brothers gon’ step, Will Ferrell
Gettin’ high, gettin’ drunk, no more straight and narrow for me
Street raps make me ask if this the era for me
Is the playing field fair or is it fairer for me? Whew
A couple karats in my ears enough karats for me
I’m feelin’ like the local scene finally cherishing me
Selling out my hometown so my parents can see
Charismatic, naive, young, arrogant teen
Givin’ everything I got to the American Dream
But I’m still playing 1 PM sets at the festivals
Looking at the crowd, they embarrassed for me, jeez

Ambitious twenty-four year old
Used to have dreams of being friends with my heroes
Now I’m Andrea Pirlo out in Europe spending euros
French girl chewin’ on my earlobe
Here goes nothing, coasting through customs
Take away the phones at afterparties, we don’t trust ’em
Heartthrob status, I’ve adjusting to the lustin’
Facetime calls about God from Justin
I can’t stop hustlin’, I can’t stop hustlin’
I’m tryna be inspired, but y’all ain’t got nothin’
They tryna downplay me now, ain’t that somethin’?
I saw that comin’
Readin’ way too many articles about myself, I gotta fall back from it
Audition for a lead and got the call back from it
I’m festival headlinin’, keepin’ them heads noddin’
I tell her I’ll be back but I don’t know when the next time is
Folks think it’s ’bout to be more actin’ and less rhymin’
But hell nah, I gotta show these boys who the best out is