J Balvin – Querido Rio (English Translation)

Year: 2021


Hello, I don’t know if maybe you hear me
But I’m someone else
My doubts were clarified
And the only reason, yeah-eh
The reason is you
And you came to give me light
Long ago I dreamed of you
When I least expected it

Dear Río, you came at the right time
You are not in my arms yet, but I already feel you are mine
The storm took everything and only left me with the cold
But talking to God, he told me: “Son, I am sending you a little angel”
Not taking care of him is a crime
Absolutely what I need
I don’t know if I meet the requirements
But I promise you that you will not lack of beautiful love

In this beat I put your heart
And in your heartbeat is that I am riding
You came to do me good and it showed
You don’t know how many things I have asked myself
I called you “Río” because you flow
Because you add to my life

My relapses decrease
Where you arrive, you build them
It’s amazing how you flow
You dilute problems

You will always have a counselor
If you don’t exclude me from your dreams, yeah
I want to be your best friend
The one who will always be with you

You have the right to be wrong
I don’t just want to be your father
I also want to be your best friend (Friend)
Wherever you want to go, I follow you (I follow)
Here I will be by your side to always support you, yeah
Dear Río