아이유 (IU) – 아이와 나의 바다 (My sea)(English Translation)

Year: 2021


But even after time passes
There are things that don’t heal
Because I didn’t love myself completely
It’s a poor night for my heart

The face I met in the mirror looks awkward
So I close my eyes quietly, like a habit
When night comes, I want to hurry to tomorrow
Dreaming different dreams every day under so many wishes

Did that child was hurting for so long time to become me?
We get further as the days pile up
I don’t think we can reconcile
I don’t think it will get better

When I was young
There was a sea that never dried up in my heart
Now there’s only faint traces left in that place

The sound of my breath that was filled with excitement
The breeze blowing over my head
I want to become a wave and run anywhere
When I slowly open my eyes under a small fear

Every moment of the world comes to me
And become a dazzling gift
I’ve had a lot of doubts
I feel I can finally answer to myself

Memories beyond the line
Are calling me
The voice I’ve forgotten for a very long time

I go back against the wave
To the place where the sea inside me was born

Even if I get swept away and get lost, I’m free
I won’t close my eyes to the darkness that traps me anymore
Won’t pretend I don’t know myself again

But still sometimes
There will be days I lose to life
Even if I wander again, I know the way back

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