ITZY – LOVE is (English Translation)

Year: 2021


Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Na na na na na na na

Love is like it’s written in a filter
It fades, I can’t judge anything
Keep on struggling struggling
Even if we try
If you let your guard down mess up yeah

Don’t know why
Emotions aren’t easy
Nothing will last forever
Darling, haters Someday
Will change like that

I’m into you woo-ah
As we get closer woo-ah
I stop again
Someday love will break up
It’s blocked every time

I fall in it again
I turn a blind eye to
Love is like a savage
I’ll press down on my heart
I don’t wanna mess up

Everybody’s gonna love somebody
Following the excitement,
We exchange our hearts easily
Why is it still hard for me I’m still always stepping back

Everyday I wanna love somebody
And it’s okay to be a little bit selfish
I want to give you my heart without hesitation
I wanna believe it’s different from before

It’ll erase this wound true love yeah
Be honest you can’t be ambiguous
Be bold so there’s no doubt
Cliché Don’t do stuff like that

Give me certainty I will wait
I’m into you woo-ah
Even though I know why am I woo-ah
I hesitate again
Something’s gonna happen

I’m always on my guard
If you give me your heart already
It’s gonna cool down
Love is like a savage
Push it away again

I don’t wanna mess up
Hope it’ll be different this time
I want to believe it I hope you mean it.
If it’s not
Without regret please tell me bye bye

Credits to: @itzy_trans