WORK (Eng Trans)


Shiina Ringo x millennium parade – WORK (English Translation Lyrics)[Hell’s Paradise Opening Song]

Year: 2023


Lay bare the phantasmagoria of life,
Without its real presence, we remain undone
A thing is true to its name, soak up every rumor,
When the longing is fulfilled, I want to see what’s next

Empty temple of the body, the disposable one,
celebrate beforehand, I’ll tell you my name, accept what’s to come
A path to victory’s not needed, it depends in the end mostly on luck
give me your reply, an inscribed baton of the instant

I am
just going around the circle
It’s the nature of working rats
Wake Up Bankers Pay Back!
Today is just another day at work
One verse One punch
To answer them, give fantasy
Stand up my fav people

So put me to the test, assess the skills that I’ve honed,
with your brand new satchel, give me a flick
Like someone surrounded on all sides by their enemies,
I want to find out where my faults are hid
The secular world, dive in till you tire of the tumult,
every time, a firing line, we still cannot die
Earthly desire as enlightenment, embrace your shame and your craving,
and when we’ve made our toast, I want to see what’s next

By the time you notice, it’s already too late,
all over without expressing the faintest wish
I want to reveal it all and give my defense, oh, the regret
To live a quiet, ordinary life, to enjoy the normal human comforts,
Is it all right to wish for such things? eternally, it’s the ultimate issue

Authentic decadents
Are they a criminal in society?
Progress is only in restrictions
Obsequious, discourteous behaviors
Damn it!!!!
Stand up my fav people
Right now!

Forgive me, in the area of study where I broke the rules, sit in judgment
and with a brand new morality, the rights and wrongs, admonish me
If I have been truly saved, as someone who loves,
I want to give my praises for the magnificent world

Even the lostness that I had shunned was me myself in Nature,
To know weakness and to feel strength, the darkness dispelled
The light, the laughter, men and women, love and hate, rightness is wrongness
crime and punishment, life and death, the space in between the two extremes, Tie them together

Yes, for today is today, tomorrow, tomorrow
Be content
Let us worry as we go, wandering in the flesh
Form is emptiness, let us shift to the moment
rejoice, the pulsating beat, see, it’s fleeting ephemera

Official translation.

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