Kami Hitoe (Eng Trans)


Uru – Kami Hitoe (English Translation Lyrics)[Hell’s Paradise Ending Song]

Year: 2023


I tried layering it gently
But in the end something is uneven
Only the edges are torn

But you said it didn’t matter if it was like that
Connect the scattered parts once again
Trying to fix it

The heart is like a sheet of paper
Something that seems to intersect but does not intersect
Precisely because we can coexist with each other
I want to feel that heart

At any time, you always wait for tomorrow
Longing for an ephemeral dream
Even today, you still think of others
You will continue to pursue the hope that is in your heart, right?
Hope that voice can reach you someday

If only I could be stronger
In your heart, you always want to change
Is there something I can do for you now?

As if crushed when touched
That lonely feeling could be seen behind the straight gaze
The wrinkles in the clothes made by the gripping hands
It has conveyed the sound of the scream

At any time
Struggling when losing the direction
Sometimes the strength to fight
You’ve taught it to me, right?
The day when hearts unite, light and shadow are known
I’m still breathing in this chest

Even though I get hurt a few times
The love that kept protecting
May it wrap you up someday