GOT7 Lyrics

Artist: 갓세븐 (GOT7)
Song: PAGE (English Translation)
Album: Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity
Year: 2019


Full version coming soon

Carve all your feelings onto my heart
So it can never be erased, leave the marks
saturated deeply
Your ink is in my every breath

All night on your word, I wanna dance
What kind of story will you write for me?
I have so much to write, there’s not enough space
Your charm is the weight of this page

I’ll preciously keep you in my room
At the end of this pen tip I’ll zoom on you
Anything other than your story I’ll mute
Write down now

I’ll slowly write down our own story, more and more
and more
There’s plenty of time, fill my eyes with your own
On top of this page
You and me
Without any space
Write, right now

Under this lighting
With you, I write words like mine
Love love Yeah
I think I love you
Because of you I’m not wavering now
You’re the only one filling it up
I think I love you

I came back
I want you to lean on my shoulder
And pass this page over

I’ll pick your pretty photo as the cover
Page one, I’ll write a letter to you and sneak it
there secretly
I’ll leave stars all over our memories
We have a lot to write
Cause this book never ends

There’s no other reason
If I’m with you, it’s enough
I’ll do it all, you just say it
My heart and body all lean towards you, I want you
You’re my number one
I want you only
I think I love you

Credits to: bbomirae

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