GOT7 Lyrics

Artist: 갓세븐 (GOT7)
Song: HOME RUN (English Translation)
Year: 2016


Against your mysterious signal
Missed it, I keep swinging and missing
Oohooh baby Oohooh baby
You’re unpredictable, you’re difficult like a curveball

Oohooh baby Oohooh baby
All of my senses are alive and sensitive
I’m worried that you might reject me
I’m concentrating on your words
One last chance, it’s all sweat on my hands and feet

1, 2 Steike if you miss it’s Game over
Watch for the chance
I got the feeling on my fingertips
It’s alright I can see that your falling for me
Oh yes, from now on You’re my girl
You’re falling

Home Run, Home Run
My feelings for you, this is my answer
Please reciprocate as much as I put in the effort
You and I feel like a dream, we’re so good, I feel so fly
I’m inside of your Strike zone
I don’t care about the cheerleader over there, all I can see is you

I’m not afraid of striking out
I will tell you straightforwardly I want you! Be my babe!
It’s been a while for me to get closer to you
I was careful because we might get awkward

I’m more sure if I need to react to your sarcastic comments
Or do I need to pretend that I’m indifferent until your next sign
This is the end of our unending mind games
I gotta be a man and face it head on
I’m the ace pitcher you can meet That’s me
I cherish you, you are my greatest trophy
I’m so proud of being with you, it’s what I brag about all the time
There’s no need for another game between us