Punch Lyrics

Artist: Punch
Song: 헤어지는 중 (Good bye)(English Translation)
Album: 헤어지는 중 (Good-bye)
Year: 2018


Do you love me?
Are you looking in
the same direction?
I already know
I know you’re not
Even though I haven’t learned it
I can see a breakup is coming
Love is always slow
A breakup comes so fast

This street where you and I loved
Brings tears to my eyes
The one who loved more
feels more painful
Like the song
Don’t love anyone anymore
You’ll eventually feel painful
as much as me
I’ll not be there then
This is the end, bye

A cold wind is blowing
When the tip of my
nose turns red
I sing sad songs
That’s what I do the best

To me, doing love alone
Makes me more painful
Now I have to be honest with me
In the end I have to
Say a sad good bye to you
Leaving you in the place
My love, good bye
Now you, good bye

Please don’t come back
Because I’m afraid
Of getting hurt the same

I still love you
I often think of you
Think of you

If you ever see me by chance
Will you just pass me by
pretending that you don’t know me?
I will pretend that I erased you
Love that already ended
I won’t never do it again, bye

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