The Brave (Eng Trans)


YOASOBI – The Brave aka Yuusha (English Translation Lyrics)[Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Opening Song]

Year: 2023


It’s like a fairy tale
Proof that the end has come
For a journey that was too long
A section cut out
It used to be here
The evil that casts a shadow
With the brave one who conquered it
Memories of a short trip

The story ends
The brave one falls asleep
Have a peaceful daily life
I’ll leave it here
The flow of time is heartless
Puts someone out of their mind
The trajectory of life getting rusty

Still, yours
Words, wishes, and courage
are definitely still inside me, alive

I chose the same path
That should have been it
How come all of a sudden
There are more reasons for the tears to roll down my cheeks
I want to know
It’s too late now
If I follow the road we took together
Even if you aren’t there
I’m sure I’ll find it

The story continues
Go on a solo journey
We meet each other in the town you stop by
You remain in people’s memories

As always, I’m friendly
You’re just trying to look good
The symbols made here and there are
Proof of peace
Even that
Someday in the future
So that I won’t be alone
So that I can remember that trip
Marks left behind

It’s like a fairy tale
Proof that the end has come
The encounter that changed me
One-hundredth journey

Someday I’ll find your courage
The wind takes me away
Even if you disappear from everyone’s memory
I’ll take you to the future

I took your hand
It all started that day
It’s worthless
I can’t help but burst into laughter
The ordinary time is still bright
I want to know
Even now
When I look back, it’s always there
I smile kindly
Because of you
The beginning of a new journey
In this land that you have protected
With a budding life

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