The Brave (Eng Trans)


YOASOBI – The Brave aka Yuusha (English Translation Lyrics)[Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Opening Song]

Year: 2023


As if it’s a fairytale,
This is proof you welcomed the end
This is a section carved out from this journey that was far too long,
A memory from a short adventure with heroes who defeated the evil which cast a shadow on the world

The story has finished,
The heroes have fallen asleep
Leaving behind peaceful days on this land
The passing of time heartlessly makes one forget people
And the trails of you having lived here also continue to rust

But still, your words, wishes and courage,
Live on within me without a doubt

We chose the same path
That was all, but,
I want to know the reason why tears streamed down my cheeks before I knew it
Even if it’s too late now,
If I follow the journey we had together,
Even if you aren’t there,
I’m sure I’ll find that reason

The story continues,
I leave on a journey on my own

You who I met at a town I stopped by,
Remain in people’s memories

You are good-hearted, as usual,
Just always trying to act cool
The symbols you made here and there,
Are the signs of peace you won for yourself
Even that is a mark left behind,
So I am not left by myself one day in the future,
So I recall that journey

As if it’s a fairytale,
This is proof you welcomed the end
The encounter that changed me,
The journey that’s 1/100th of my life

Even if your courage is exposed to the winds,
And disappears from anyone’s memories,
I will take it into the future with me, so

The day I took your hand,
Everything began that day
The times when we laughed without thinking at some nonsense overflowed, and
Even now it remains dazzling
I want to know,
Even if it’s too late now
Because whenever I look back,
You are always there, smiling kindly at me

The start of a new journey,
Will be together with the life that have sprouted,
On this land which you protected until the end

Credits to: @shiyuki332

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