With You (Eng Trans)


Artist: 엑소 (EXO)
Song: 가끔 (With You)(English Translation)
Album: Don’t Mess Up My Tempo
Year: 2018


When I look at the stars shining brightly
it almost feels like I’m looking at you
You’re like everything that shines bright

*When the night sky grows dark
the whole world is sparkled with light
naturally you grab my hand
and before I know it you start sparkling with my colors

Sometimes I think, when I see you laughing brightly,
that your eyes and lips and everything else
seem to look like me
It’s like your pitch black eyes take in my light
and shine just as brightly as I do
Sometimes I see myself when I look at you

Tonight it feels like I won’t be able to sleep,
but I never knew it would feel this nice
especially when I’m able to spend time imagining you, yeah

We talk all night long,
asking about how each others days were,
and when you say this is the best part
I shine even brighter thanks to you


Every single day I’m looking after you,
and you’re looking at me,
and like a mirror every expression,
even the way you speak,
feels like it’s me

Bit by bit you and I are becoming one
Wondering what I seem like in your world,
like a habit, I find myself in your eyes

The night grows late as I stare at you,
and I want to stop time,
to keep you in my eyes even longer, for me

Sometimes I think, when I see you seeming like me,
that every single small thing
was me being like you
Promise me now,
when all the lights are gone,
that just like tonight
you’ll forever be shining with me
Love you

Translation thanks to itshysterie.