Year: 2019


Everywhere I go
They all know my name

Everywhere I go
They all know my name
Sosa can you hang?
Baby, I won’t fold, yeah
Can’t fuck with a hoe, yeah, so I chose to ignore ya
Bitches be my enemies
These bitches be my clone, yeah

Everywhere I go
They all know my name

Sosa can you hang?
Baby, I won’t fold, yeah
Niggas hit my phone
All the numbers get ignored, yeah

So how come everywhere I go
They all know my name?

Sosa hit a stain
Bro, these niggas phony
Niggas pull up four deep
But leave with they hands empty
You can beat that nigga ass
But you can’t push up on me

Everywhere I go
They all know my name

Talk down like I’m lame
But, baby, we was close, yeah
Remember walking to the corner store for the woods
Niggas dying on my block, I’m finna leave the hood

‘Cause, everywhere I go
All my niggas was in pain
But, bitch, I just woke up
No, I cannot hit a stain
These bitches think I’m spoiled but I worked for what I gained
From seeing roaches in the kitchen to flying in the plane

I told my grandma
“I’m hopping off the porch,” she thought I was playing
Moved to Atlanta
Hit up GoCar, he call up Duwap Kaine
I wanna do better-
Than my momma and that bitch had four bimmers
I wanna do better, (uh)-
Than my bros who serving just so they can eat
What? They ain’t tell ya?
Jasia come through, I pull up with that big gas
Buss through I let up-
Got me some trues, they praying to my big ass

Top down we speeding
Virginia beaching
Seven-five-seven on the weekends
My momma sleeping on me
My momma preaching
She say I ain’t gon’ be shit
Then the police kick in
You switched up on the gang
Now you gon’ see me win
I do this for my sis and my bro Hunenz
We riding to the bag, it’s filled with hundreds
I ain’t forget when niggas was starving but rolling blunts
Niggas ain’t have no money and was still having fun

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