Rap Monster Lyrics 가사

Artist: RM
Song: everythingoes (English Translation)
Album: mono.
Year: 2018


It will pass, eventually
For sure, definitely x3
It will pass x4
It will pass Everything Everything Everything goes x8

As night goes and morning comes
When spring goes and summer comes
As a flower goes and a fruit comes
Everything must be hurt

Embrace the world and breathe in
Stinging air filled in my lungs tells everything
Yes, I wanted to runaway countless times
Right under the old times that I was in pain and got used to it

Everyday I pray
To be a little bit better adult
And everyday I stay
Since a human and pain will die eventually

You gotta catch the wind to get used to it
In dreams, you can’t be eternal
Instead of foggy encouraging words
Instead of plausible lies
Hoping that it will just pass like this wind

It will pass
Everything goes x8

It’s raining
Everything goes