ENHYPEN – WALK THE LINE (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2022


A line. A borderline that transverses the world and beyond like dividing a white sheet of paper,

To me, this line was a nightmare

I kept running and running
towards an unknown destination beyond the border
to cross the line.

But it eventually caught up with me bound me, knocked me down,
and forced me to walk along it like running in a wheel

just like David’s stone that soared through the sky with centrifugal force,
just like an accelerating rocket that breaks away from centripetal force and zooms out of orbit

I have now become aware
after running and running and running some more.

And I declare
that I who was hunted so far have now become the hunter.

I who walked along the line, am now drawing the line

I will now draw a new world line
and within that world,

I, I, I,
We will connect all of us
Draw the line!

Today is the first day

Begin my new day

Don’t walk the line!

Today is the first day

Begin my new day

Erase the lines that cage me Throw away the rules

Draw a new line, my own path

We draw the new line We draw the new line

Cold air,
clear blue skies
I lift my eyes up to see the sun rising.

Official translation.

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