Foreshadow (Eng Trans)


ENHYPEN – Foreshadow (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2022


The days I’m being chased, the days I kneel down
And the first day I finally declare
Those days fell into place one by one
Like pieces of a puzzle
Until one day a long shadow
Fell before my eyes
Wherever the sun is
A shadow always cast before

I realized that moment
That deep, bottomless well-like shadow
Tomorrow, with me
It’s a preview of what’s gonna happen to me
Facing the rain, wind and typhoon that draws nearer
The fate of those who knew first

If it’s a struggle to keep your promise
More than the trust we’ve shared
Can you be firm?
I still believe, I still firmly believe
We can still meet
We will connect no matter what

In front of me, foreshadow
The next day, I realized
I’m afraid now
I’m afraid now, never
Even when you face the tests
The promise on that day
Follow my footsteps
You should follow me

Our world
Our world
Our world
Our world
Our world

I run after the shadows
Towards a new world that will reach the end of the shadow
Until then, the world in the shadows
Even if I’m all alone
I’ll run ahead

Because the one true ending
That splendid future
Waits for us

Credits to: Genius

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