Fate (Eng Trans)


ENHYPEN – Fate (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


Absolute power
Running for that power
Even if the sun blinds me
To reach the promised place
To complete our future
Above all, to protect you
You believed in me and gave me strength
The moment you bit me, you were inside me

As the seasons crumble the green
Love became greed and erased itself
Erases the selfishness, too
They trapped me in ruins in the deep sea

Where did that terrible curse come from?
Who inflicted the cruel punishment?
Only now I realize

The fate that I devoted my life to
How could I have forgotten?
The sign only reacts to you and shines red
The one word I begged you for
It rises like a bright sun that clears the darkness

Fate was again in my hands
Feeling the power flowing inside me like blood
I finally call you desperately
I will never forget it now
Everything was the power I received from you
I grew up in eternity that will soon return to you

A love wrapped in blood
Erased by arrogance, it’s over
I lost everything, became a monster that doesn’t die
But now I know what I have to do (I know)
Follow the mark of blood (fate) (fate) (fate)
I don’t hesitate (fate) (fate) (fate)
Go like this (fate) (fate) (fate)
It’s my fate
Follow this bloody sign at the end of the road
To dedicate myself to you (eh)

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