Ella Baila Sola (Eng Trans)


Eslabon Armado & Peso Pluma – Ella Baila Sola (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


Buddy, what do you think of that girl?

The one dancing alone, I want her for myself

Beautiful, she knows she’s hot

Everyone’s watching her dance

I approach her and start with the talk

We drink without reservations, just temptation

I told her: “I’m going to make your family fall for me, ’cause in a few days you’ll be mine”

She said I’m crazy, but she likes that

No guy acts like me

Here it goes, sweetheart

And all double P, man

Just like that, my buddy Pedro

All Eslabon Armado

For the young ladies


I’m not a rich guy

But when it comes to the heart, I fulfill everything for you

She held my hand tightly

My friend couldn’t believe it, as I passed by

Her body, I swear to God, she was so perfect

Her waist like a model’s

Her eyes captivated me from the start

She likes me, and I like her