Sudden Shower (Eng Trans)


ECLIPSE – Sudden Shower (English Translation Lyrics)[Lovely Runner OST Part 1]

Year: 2024


I wish it won’t stop
Just like the first day you came to me
I hope it’s not the kind of rain that soaks me for a while
I’ve been desperately hoping

Do you know how I feel?
I only think about you every day
And it seeps into my heart again today

You are a gift given by the sky
In a world where I stand alone
I will protect you
One day, all of a sudden
Like a sudden shower
Although you are the one who got off
I’m calling you again today
A precious person to me

The falling rain suddenly wakes me up
I’m lost in my thoughts about you

Now come to me
I’m waiting as always
I will hold your hand tightly

Even the painful memories that I wanted to forget
Just let it go with the raindrops
Sometimes, even if I’m tired
Even if the sky is cloudy
Don’t forget that I’m here

You are my love
My one and only love
There will never be a love like yours again
I don’t forget
Even the small memory you gave me
I’m engraving it today too
You are a gift to me

Credits to: ClsQ