When The Sun Goes Out

Die Antwoord Lyrics

Artist: Die Antwoord
Song: When The Sun Goes Out (feat. Roger Ballen)
Album: House of Zef
Year: 2020


I’m not really sure what insanity is to tell you the truth,
so sometimes I feel I’m going in a path,
it’s going against the river,
going against the wave, going against what other people are doing
But I don’t necessarily call that insanity,
I really don’t call that insanity.
Sometimes when I look at the mass of people or turn on the TV,
I just shake my head and say, this is insanity, this is insanity,
normality is insanity, I can’t escape it, it’s everywhere.
Wherever I look it’s there,
so I’m not quite clear on what the word means anymore

Of course, I’m afraid of dying, everybody is. Everything on the planet is afraid of dying,
whether it’s a dog, whether it’s a mosquito, whether it’s a turtle, whether it’s a cat,
everything’s programmed to survive.
Everything doesn’t want to… nothing wants to die, everything’s struggling to live. I guess humans,
but I wouldn’t necessarily say this for certain,
are maybe most aware of the fact that they’re going to die,
and I guess that makes the whole journey a lot more difficult,
more complex, and more challenging than perhaps what goes through an animals mind but I wouldn’t say that for certain

Well you know I’m certain certain people who came into contact with me during my life will remember me,
there is no doubt about it,
and as time goes on less and less people might remember me,
unless what I’ve what achieved in my art has some sort of eternal meaning to it. It’s always impossible to judge whether this will happen or not happen,
it’s… it’s… whether it’s just chance I guess,
maybe skill, maybe chance, whatever it is that you have uh…
a following that goes beyond your own life.
But ultimately I guess,
they say everything will disappear,
and I guess the planet might disappear when the sun goes out