Don’t Sleep

Die Antwoord Lyrics

Artist: Die Antwoord
Song: Don’t Sleep
Album: House of Zef
Year: 2020


Salute ma se kint
Ja, if they can lie to you then they can steal from you, my bru
If they can steal from you, they can kill you

It’s not my fault I was born into this fucked up world
Not sure how to fix this
Baby, maybe I can ease your pain just a little bit
Yo I got the cure for sickness
Got the ill hardware guaranteed to take away your pain
One hit, bwah, you addicted
Pure uncut straight from the muddafukin’ source, kid
This shit will fuck you up
Had to disappear for a while, shit got a lil’ hot
Guess who’s back on the block
Mr. Big Stuff laid back in the cut
One hand on the burner one hand on the Glock
Everyday it’s war on the streets
One lil’ slip bring a whole lotta heat
Stay woke, your boy getting raw on the beat
Don’t sleep, zef soldiers on da creep
Let’s ride, I got your fix baby, yo, you wanna get high?
Get you anything you need on da zefside
Just trying to live my muddafukin’ best life
Loved by many, hated by few
Cos I’m scandalous
Too real, fake people can’t handle us
Operate from Africa to Los Angeles
Slanging hot product what shut up nwata
One little, two little, three little zeflingz
Flexing customers texting
123tjie glowing in the dark, soos n fietjie
I can see you but you can’t see me
Fun time on the frontline bra passop virrie 1time
Wat kind scurrel tot die sunshine
Fuck I’m in too deep, stay woke, don’t sleep
Zef soldiers on the creep