Koi Kogare (Eng Trans)


milet x MAN WITH A MISSION – Koi Kogare (English Translation Lyrics)[Demon Slayer Season 3: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc Ending Song]

Year: 2023


I’ve been looking for so long
Where has love been lost?
A good deal of beating the nights still does not see an end
Absurdity goes unmentioned
Life trembles and make noises
I’ve fallen in love in the times of chaos

No matter how many times sorrow beats the world
Your blade, lithely flying around
Cuts open the way the dreams run through

I want to love one another and smile
and save all the kind-hearted people
It will get through if I hope
Your voice will call me
and soon a dreamlike sunrise glow will burn the sky
I started running towards beyond the waving flag
The beautiful world is what I pine for

That once-lost
feeling goes and comes around
At the top where I’m yet to reach
the wind is murmuring loud

everything you did and said
is still shining deeply in my mind
No matter how you live
It is the path you chose

With genuine eyes
you sing about the yearning you found for the first time

Beyond the waving flag


I want to love and smile
and save all the kind-hearted people
I should be strong
Cutting through the sad and painful night
I will bring here the sunrise glow

now trust me
we can always sail through the cruel ocean
from where life has begun

Only existing in the voice of a prayer
the unknown
beautiful world
is what I pine for

I call the elemental name of love…

Official translation.